WiLLBee Korea ( www.iwillbee.com ) developed the phone case which not only protects the phone but also protects our body. With Neulbo and Clipon, they jumped into the phone accessory market in both Korea and abroad

In Korea and abroad, there were many attempts on making a case with the strap-on but, they designed the strap-on with animal characters , leather and elastic bands to create the strap-on case.

Mobile helper Neulbo & Clipon they launched, they not only protects your phone but also helps you use your phone with minimum efforts decreasing stress done to your body. This prevents Turtle neck syndrome and tunnel syndrome.

The design is made from animal Sloth. A slow free-living creature, reflecting our modern life style.

WiLLBee Korea is a Professional Peripheral device designing company. From developing an item till the production they do every work required by them selves.
They also have support from many Universities, allowing them to maintain fresh distribution networks.