SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Here's a new iPhone 4 case born with one year of preparation, intrigued by an idea came across in subway. This product introduced adds 'convenience' and 'practicability'.
(Picture: 'NEULBO' with usability added on iPhone 4 case)
Jin-Han Jeong and Myoung-Ok Park, co-representatives of WiLLBee Korea (, released 'NEULBO', an iPhone 4 case which is their initial product.
NEULBO was born for smart phone users who're worrying about 'dropping down'. Representative Park said, "I actually dropped smart phones several times. So this smart phone is my third. I came to make this product to resolve this".
Simply saying, band-type holder is attached on existing case and it fulfills desire to use smart devices more conveniently. According to WiLLBee Korea, it's perfectly equipped with functions to prevent turtle neck syndrome and tunnel syndrome considering healthcare also.
WiLLBee Korea said their goal is to introduce the product to the whole world starting from Korean market and they're currently talking about details on export matters with Hong Kong and Bangkok. Easily buyable in open markets in Korea.


(Picture: iPhone 4 with NEULBO, no need to worry about dropping the phone - put fingers into the band backside for use)


(Picture: various leathers and Swarovski decorations exported from the U.S.)


(Picture: iPhone 4 front side with NEULBO, not spoiling existing design of iPhone 4)


(Picture: product hologram of WiLLBee Korea)




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