SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- There is a case developed over a year with the idea that came across in the subway. Apart from the leather and Swarovski Gems, all parts are made in Korea.
It's a Case with the handle attached to the current casings, and product brand is called ' Mobile Helper '.  Not just an ordinary case, but designed for customers to use their hand-held sets more conveniently.

WiLLBee Korea ( , In Venture conventions center at YonSei University. We met Mr.JinHan Jung and Mrs.MyungOk Park, co-representatives of  WiLLBee. They say there is a lots of SmartPhone users in subways, but they seemed very uncomfortable, afraid of dropping the phone. Because of the crowd in the subways, there's a high chance of dropping the phone. Mrs. Park says that she actually dropped her phone several times and told us that she had to change her phone three times so far.

This is where they got their ideas, and Two Co-representatives launched " Neulbo " for iPhones and " Clip-on "  for Androids last week.

According to WiLLBee, these two products are not Mobile Accessories, but " Mobile Helpers " . It may look like an ordinary Phone Case, but actually they help the customers use their phone more conveniently.

The Handles attached to the case is the point on this product. It not only makes it  more convenient, but it also helps us prevent Turtle Neck Syndromes and Tunnel Syndromes. 

WiLLBee Korea is looking forward to introducing Mobile Helpers abroad. Currently, they are undergoing meetings with companies in Hong Kong and Bangkok for exporting. In Korean Market, they are lunching at 45 off-line markets, and Big On-line Markets by the end of this week.

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