Guerilla Event In HongIk University - S.Korea

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Guerilla Event In MyungDong S.Korea

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WiLLBee Korea ( ) developed the phone case which not only protects the phone but also protects our body. With Neulbo and Clipon, they jumped into the phone accessory market in both Korea and abroad

In Korea and abroad, there were many attempts on making a case with the strap-on but, they designed the strap-on with animal characters , leather and elastic bands to create the strap-on case.

Mobile helper Neulbo & Clipon they launched, they not only protects your phone but also helps you use your phone with minimum efforts decreasing stress done to your body. This prevents Turtle neck syndrome and tunnel syndrome.

The design is made from animal Sloth. A slow free-living creature, reflecting our modern life style.

WiLLBee Korea is a Professional Peripheral device designing company. From developing an item till the production they do every work required by them selves.
They also have support from many Universities, allowing them to maintain fresh distribution networks.

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WiLLBee Korea says they have Launched a Phone case that not only protects the phone but also protects our body.

These new products from WiLLBee- " Neulbo " &  " Clipon " they are made up of Natural Cow Leather and band, which is  made to strap around your hand.

These products minimizes the chances of dropping your phone and also prevent Turtle neck syndrome and tunnel syndrome which may occur when you use your phone for a long time.

They designed the case with a shape of a Sloth.  A slow-moving creature, which reflects our current busy life style.

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Reported by Ae Jin Cho
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SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- There is a case developed over a year with the idea that came across in the subway. Apart from the leather and Swarovski Gems, all parts are made in Korea.
It's a Case with the handle attached to the current casings, and product brand is called ' Mobile Helper '.  Not just an ordinary case, but designed for customers to use their hand-held sets more conveniently.

WiLLBee Korea ( , In Venture conventions center at YonSei University. We met Mr.JinHan Jung and Mrs.MyungOk Park, co-representatives of  WiLLBee. They say there is a lots of SmartPhone users in subways, but they seemed very uncomfortable, afraid of dropping the phone. Because of the crowd in the subways, there's a high chance of dropping the phone. Mrs. Park says that she actually dropped her phone several times and told us that she had to change her phone three times so far.

This is where they got their ideas, and Two Co-representatives launched " Neulbo " for iPhones and " Clip-on "  for Androids last week.

According to WiLLBee, these two products are not Mobile Accessories, but " Mobile Helpers " . It may look like an ordinary Phone Case, but actually they help the customers use their phone more conveniently.

The Handles attached to the case is the point on this product. It not only makes it  more convenient, but it also helps us prevent Turtle Neck Syndromes and Tunnel Syndromes. 

WiLLBee Korea is looking forward to introducing Mobile Helpers abroad. Currently, they are undergoing meetings with companies in Hong Kong and Bangkok for exporting. In Korean Market, they are lunching at 45 off-line markets, and Big On-line Markets by the end of this week.

Global News Network 'AVING'

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Go away SmartPhone Syndromes!

WiLLBee Korea, Launching ‘ Neulbo & Clipon
‘ Free ‘ SmartPhone ( Android & iPhone ) instant messaging Service  ‘ Kakao Talk ‘. An application which is must have for every SmartPhone users in Korea, allows you to communicate with your friends 24/7. Because of its convenience, many people spends hours on this application. Now many of them have a problem with wrist pain and neck pain. Using the phone for long time can cause stress on the wrist and fingers, causing Tunnel Syndromes. To prevent ourselves from these sicknesses, We need Mobile Helper.

WiLLBee Corporation in Venture Center at YonSei University S.Korea,
They took the Protection cases to a whole new level. Before it was only a protection case for the Phone, but WiLLBee came up with the cases which can protect both the phone and our body.
In the protection case market they were the first to use the animal shape, and use leather materials and band to create the protection case for the phone. WiLLBee is a professional peripheral device designing company. From inventing an item, to production, they do every work required in the process by them selves.
Neulbo & Clip-on they are launching, it not only protects your phone but it also protects us from Syndromes such as Turtle Neck Syndrome and Tunnel Syndrome. 
They designed the case with the shape of Sloth, a Slow free moving animal which also reflects our busy daily life.

Protecting the Phone and Our body
Neulbo will be launching with 2 Special Lines and 4 Normal Lines.
The Special Lines consists of a leather work, looking like a crocodile leather which adds quality to the cases. It seems to draw a lot of attention from Stylish customers.
The Clipon will be launching in two different types for SmartPhones and Tablet PC with 4 colors.
The focus point of these products are ‘strap functions’ which minimizes the stress done to your hand and wrist. In the long run bus ride and subways you can hold your phones easily reducing stress done to your body.
This is the case protecting the phone and the body. This idea will open up a new category in field of mobile accessories.
These two models will be launching at the end of april, in 15 off-line stores as start and expand to on-line shopping malls and open market.
Neulbo Special Lines are  58000won, Normal Lines at  45000won, Clip-on for Tablet & SmartPhones both costs 29000won.
For further Information 070-7834-0359

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SEOUL, Korea (AVING) -- Here's a new iPhone 4 case born with one year of preparation, intrigued by an idea came across in subway. This product introduced adds 'convenience' and 'practicability'.
(Picture: 'NEULBO' with usability added on iPhone 4 case)
Jin-Han Jeong and Myoung-Ok Park, co-representatives of WiLLBee Korea (, released 'NEULBO', an iPhone 4 case which is their initial product.
NEULBO was born for smart phone users who're worrying about 'dropping down'. Representative Park said, "I actually dropped smart phones several times. So this smart phone is my third. I came to make this product to resolve this".
Simply saying, band-type holder is attached on existing case and it fulfills desire to use smart devices more conveniently. According to WiLLBee Korea, it's perfectly equipped with functions to prevent turtle neck syndrome and tunnel syndrome considering healthcare also.
WiLLBee Korea said their goal is to introduce the product to the whole world starting from Korean market and they're currently talking about details on export matters with Hong Kong and Bangkok. Easily buyable in open markets in Korea.


(Picture: iPhone 4 with NEULBO, no need to worry about dropping the phone - put fingers into the band backside for use)


(Picture: various leathers and Swarovski decorations exported from the U.S.)


(Picture: iPhone 4 front side with NEULBO, not spoiling existing design of iPhone 4)


(Picture: product hologram of WiLLBee Korea)




 Global News Network ‘AVING’
by Mia Eun (

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Corporation WiLLBee in Yonsei Technology Business Center at Yonsei University Korea, They attended Yonsei Creative Exhibition ( 2011 June 1 ~ 2 ) hosted by Yonsei University & Foundation Support Center.

The boots were filled up with many Corporates in the Venture Center and Students from engineering faculty of different Universities .  
Information Desk for people who has questions for Venture Business.
WiLLBee made experience zone , decorated the boot with the leather which is actually used in Mobile Helper, and displayed Mobile Helper - Neulbo &  Mobile Helper - Clipon.
Many students from Yonsei University and guests visited the Exhibition, and shared their opinions on the convenience of Mobile Helper. It was two short days of Exhibition, but it was a very meaningful chance for us to communicate with the customers about our products.
We are working on the following model which is to come out in 3months. With the feed backs we received, we are hoping to improve our product much more user-friendly and convenient for our customers .

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